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The vacuum function in often added to leaf blowers and leaf mulchers. For homeowners who are serious about cleaning up, or about recycling and creating mulch for their garden, the leaf vacuum function is very important. This review aims to help you choose the best rated leaf vacuum and combination products.

Craftsman 225 MPH Electric Blower/Vacuum

This lightweight unit has been getting a lot of good reviews from consumers. Some of the improvements of this particular model over its competitors and predecessors include wider mouth for the vacuum attachment, a mulch bag that snaps on with a zipper that runs on the side and not at the bottom, and a 3 speed setting. It’s easy to assemble as you simply need to snap the vacuum attachment in.

This unit is electric powered, good for the environment and runs quietly than gas powered counterparts, although some do recommend ear protection when running it at the highest settings. This handy tool also meets most consumers expectations when it comes to power and mulching capabilities. Overall, it’s a good buy for less than $100.

Toro 12 AMP Ultra 225 Blower Vacuum

This toro vacuum blower has received a lot of raves from homeowners who have used it. Among it’s many pluses include attachments that are easy to snap on and off, a large mulch bag that has a zipper running its entire length, which allows mulch to freely fall out. It’s got a powerful engine that mulches well and it’s pretty light weight. The main drawback is the cord that limits your range of movement. But overall, this Toro blower vacuum does the job well.

Troy-Bilt Quickshift Blower Vacuum

This model is a gas powered unit. Consumers like the quick start switch which allows it to start running after just 1 pull of the starter cord. There’s also a switch to change the settings from blower to vacuum - no more removing and re-attaching nozzles. This heavy duty machine is still light enough to carry around and is powerful enough to handle pine cones and needles.

Most of the complaints about this unit centered on the zipper of the bag. It’s made of plastic and breaks easily. Some consumers would also like to see a lighter machine that can do the job just as efficiently. Also, it only vacuums, but it doesn’t mulch, which can be a major drawback.

LEHR Propane Powered Eco Blower Vacuum Mulcher

This powerful revolutionary 3-in-1 product uses earth friendly propane fuel and is the first in its class to do so. Environment conscious consumers will be glad to know that this 4 stroke engine is powerful enough for regular use. It boasts of an impressive 14:1 mulch ratio. It’s also convenient to use. It starts easily and you can switch from blower to vacuum functions easily. Unlike gas powered counterparts that requires you to store and mix oil and gasoline, this model is fueled using propane canisters that you simply screw in to its fuel receptacle. Do expect this machine to be as loud as it’s gas powered counterparts.

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