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Fall Clean Up Techniques Using Your Yard Vacuum

Caring for your yard throughout fall is a time consuming task. But with the right tools, you can slash the time and the effort it takes to complete your fall clean up routine. One of the equipments that can make fall clean up easier is a yard vacuum. WIth this device, you don't have to rake the leaves on an expansive yard, especially one that is populated with a lot of trees.

A yard vacuum works much like a regular vacuum. It picks up leaves and small twigs on your yard. It contains blades which processes your yard debris into smaller pieces called mulch and the deposits them into a bag attachment on your machine. They can be gas powered or electric powered, and different models come in different grades, capacities and features.

To further help you in your fall clean up, it is not enough to have the right tools. You also need to know how best to work with these tools in order to produce the best results efficiently. When cleaning up garden debris in the fall, here are some of the things you can do:

1. Before running your yard vacuum, make sure your yard is clean of toys, huge rocks, and other things that might clog up your yard vacuum or cause you to stop in the middle of cleaning up.

2. Pick up debris systematically. Going by rows will allow you to make sure you pick up all the leaves and twigs littering your yard.

3. Take regular breaks during clean up. The yard vacuum can be exhausting to operate. Giving yourself regular rest stops also allows you to empty the bag if you need to.

4. Clean up often, especially if you have a lot of trees. It's much easier to work with freshly fallen leaves than leaves that are moist and decomposing. A weekly schedule is appropriate for most yards.

5. Decide before hand where you want to deposit the mulch that you create. Most cities discourage homeowners from throwing away garden debris and from burning them. Besides, using mulch in your garden can help you cultivate a healthier yard because it's one way of putting nutrients that your plants need back into the soil.

6. Another good technique in using a yard vacuum is to use it together with your rake. Divide your yard into quadrants. In each quadrant, use your rake to pile the leaves towards the center of the quad. Once you have all the leaves neatly piled in the center of your quads, use your yard vacuum to pick them all up and to process them.

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