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If you are a homeowner with a few trees in your lawn or garden or if you live in tree lots or near forests, a leaf blower vacuum is a handy tool to help you clean up and pick up all those fallen leaves and twigs. It’s pretty convenient especially during fall when your lawn is likely to be literally covered with sacks and sacks of leaves.

It’s faster and more convenient than raking them all up and then wheelbarrowing them over to your leaf mulcher. With a leaf vacuum blower, you go around your yard as if you are vacuuming your lawn.

There are several types and brands of leaf blowers. To help you decide which one’s the best one for your needs, we’ve gathered feedback on several brands.

Toro 51599 Electric Ultra Blower Vacuum

In the handheld category, this gas powered  leaf blower vacuum reigns supreme. At 7.3lbs, it’s light, powerful, quiet and easy to use. It comes with a very convenient speed setting that allows you to vacuum gently near your plants and be more aggressive on the open lawn. This Toro blower vacuum also uses serrated metal blades for efficient mulching. It offers good value at less than $100.

Toro 12-Amp Ultra 225 Blower Vacuum

This electric handheld has gotten a lot of raves and many consumers believe that it offers a great deal of value. Among the pros of this leaf blower are that it converts easily to a vacuum, it’s quiet and the suction is powerful enough that it doesn’t get clogged easily. It has great mulching capabilities and just like it’s gas powered cousin, it also uses serrated metal blades which tend to last longer than plastic ones. The variable speed setting is also a plus.

Black and Decker NS118 Hard Surface Sweeper

If you are mostly sweeping leaves off pavements like your driveways and walkways, then this black and decker leaf blower is perfect for you. Many consumers have rated it one of the best when it comes to sweeping leaves off of hard surfaces. It’s battery powered, so it runs clean and quiet. The drawback is that the battery runs for only about 15 minutes. There’s a corded option, which makes it a good tool for smaller yards.

Echo PB-250 Handheld Blower

Echo is a brand that has earned a lot of raves from consumers. This particular model is rated very well in the gas powered hand held category. Recommended by the National Home Gardening Club, this unit, priced at less than $200, packs a punch. At only 9.5lbs, this 25.4cc engine can reach speeds of up to 135 mph. It also comes with a generous 5 year warranty. The downside? The noise may be too high for some communities so be sure to check this one out before buying it.

Echo PB265-L Power Blower

In the backpack blower category, we see another Echo model at the top spot. The backpack blowers are more expensive and is suitable for bigger gardens and tree lots. This particular model runs on gas and is one of the quietest models in its category. This powerful engine is lightweight at 13.3lbs. It’s easy to use, with variable speed throttle that allows you to control the wind speed. And it also comes with a 5 year warranty. The main drawback though is that it doesn’t come with a vacuum feature.

Echo PB500 Gas Blower

If you are expecting to sweep a huge volume of leaves and twigs off of your yard, then this heavy duty gas blower comes highly recommended. Very easy to set up, and very easy to use, this blower can even handle small branches, pine cones and wet grass with ease! It’s also comfortable to wear. The drawbacks though are that it can use up a lot of fuel and the noise is loud enough that you will need ear plugs to protect your ears.

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